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Dissolution of Marriage

In Florida, you do not have to specify a reason or grounds for divorce. All that has to be stated is that there are irreconcilable differences. Florida is a no fault state. In a dissolution of marriage, the court looks first at the children of the marriage and makes a determination which parent should be the residential parent based upon the best interest of the children. Next the court looks at the assets and liabilities of the parties and makes a determination as to the best distribution of assets and debts to be fair and equitable.

Alimony is not a factor in most divorces. There are different forms of alimony. Those include Rehabilitative or Bridge-the-gap alimony to allow the spouse to receive training to re-enter the workplace, and permanent periodic alimony. In a short term marriage, there must be some extraordinary reason why the court should grant alimony. Age, disability, and financial ability to pay are some of the factors the court must consider.

Relocation of a parent having residential custody of the children is another major factor following many divorces. Both parents have a right to have time with the children. The court will allow a relocation, if after consideration of the facts, it finds that there is sufficient parenting time to maintain a relationship between the children and the non-custodial parent.

Law Office of J. A. Hayes maintains as the primary goal in family law litigation achieving resolution of the matter as quickly as possible to provide control, stability, and certainty back into your life, your family, and your financial interests. While family litigation involves resolving many aspects of human conflict, Law Office of J. A. Hayes takes pride in taking every step necessary to protect their clients in all ways and bringing the maximum strength of the law required to accomplish that goal.

Law Office of J. A. Hayes handles legal matters in the following family law areas:

Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, Adoption, Restraining Orders, Injunctions, Protective Orders, Modification of Prior Orders, Child Support Enforcement, Enforcement of Prior Orders, Contempt Proceedings for violations of prior court orders, Writ of Attachment - Child Abduction Cases, Interstate Custody or Child Support Enforcement Cases, Cases involving International Child Abduction IssuesTermination of Parental Rights, Name Changes for Minors and Adults, Guardianships for Minors and Adults, Prenuptial Agreements, Agreements and Agreements Incident to Divorce